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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 11

1 ! Of beastes, fishes and birdes, which be cleane, and which be vncleane.

3 b He noteth foure sortes of beastes: some chewe the cud onely, and some haue onely the fote cleft: others nether chewe the cud nor haue the hoofe cleft: the fourthe bothe chewe the cud and haue the hoof diuided which may be eaten.

8 c God wolde that herby for a time thei shulde be discerned as his people from the Gentiles.

10 d As litle fish ingendred of the slime.

22 f These were certeine kindes of grashopers, which are not now proprely knowen.

29 h The grene frog that sitteth on the bushes.

38 l He speaketh of sede that is layed to stepe before it be sowen.

44 m He sheweth why God did chuse them to be his people, {1 Pet. 1,15}.