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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 32

1 a The rote of idolatrie is, when men thinke that God is not at hand, except they se him carnally.

1 ! The Israelites impute their deliuerance to the calf.

2 b Thinking that they wolde rather forgo idolatrie, then to resigne their precious jewels.

3 c suche is the rage of idolaters, that they spare no cost to satisfie their wicked desire.

4 d Thei smelled of their leuen of Egypt, where thei sawe calues, oxen, & serpents worshipped.

8 e Whereby we se what necessitie we haue to pray earnestly to God, to kepe vs in his true obedience and to send vs good guides.

10 f God sheweth that the praiers of the godly stay his punishment.

16 h All these repetitions shewe how excellent a thing thei defrauded them selues of by their idolatrie.

20 i Partely to despite them of their idolatrie & partely that thei shulde haue none occassion to remembre it afterwarde.

25 k Bothe destitute of Gods fauor & an ocassion to their enemies to speake euil of their God.

27 l This fact did so please God, that he turned the curse of Jaakob against Leui, to a blessing. {Deut 33,9}.

27 ! He slayeth the idolaters.

29 m In reuenging Gods glorie we must haue no repect to persone, but put of all carnal affection.

32 n So muche he estemed the glorie of God, that he preferred it euen to his owne saluation.

33 o I wil make it knowen that he was neuer predestinate in my eternal counsel to euerlasting life.

34 p This declareth how grieuous a sinne idolatrie is, seing that at Moses praier God wolde not fully remitte it.