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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 33

1 a The land of Canaan was compassed with hilles: so thei, that entred into it, must passe vp by the hilles.

2 ! The Lord promiseth to send an Angel before his people.

4 ! Thei are sad because the Lord denieth to go vp with them.

5 b That ether may shewe mercie, if thou repent, or els punish thy rebellion.

7 c That is, the Tabernacle of the Congregacion: so called, because the people resorted thether, when they shulde be instructed of the Lords wil.

11 d Moste plainely & familiarely of all others, {Nomb. 12,7}

12 e I care for thee and wil preserue thee in this thy vocation.

14 f Signifying that the Israelites shulde excel through Gods fauor all other people, {vers. 16}.

18 g Thy face, thy substance, and thy majestie.

19 k For finding nothing in man that can derserue mercie, he wil frely saue his.

19 h My mercie, & fatherly care.

19 i Read {chap 34, vers 6,7}.

20 l For Moses sawe not his face in ful majestie, but as mans weakenes colde beare.

23 n So muche of my glorie as in this mortal life thou art able to se.