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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 31

1 ! God maketh Bezaleel & Aholiab mete for his worke.

3 b This sheweth that handy crafts are the gifts of Gods Spirit, & therefore oght to be estemed.

6 c I haue instructed them, and increased their knowledge.

8 d So called, because of the conning and arte vsed therein, or because the whole was beaten out of one piece.

11 e Which was onely to annoint the Priests & the instruments of the Tabernacle, and not to burne.

13 ! The Sabbath day is the signe of our sanctification.

13 f Thogh I command these workes to be done, yet wil I not that you breake my Sabbath daies.

14 g God repeteth this point, because the whole keping of the Lawe standeth in the true vse of the Sabbath, which is to cease from our workes, and to obey the wil of God.

17 h From creating his creatures, but not from gouerning & perseruing them.

18 ! The tables written by the finger of God.