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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 28

0 & The Garments of the High Priest A The Ephod or vpmost coate, which was like cloth of golde and was girded vnto him, wherein was the brest plate with the twelue stones, which was tied aboue with two cheines to two onyx stones and beneth with two laces. B The robe which was next vnder the Ephod, whereunto were joined the pomegranates and belles of golde. C The tunicle or broydred coate, which was vnder the robe and longer then it, and was also without sleues.

1 ! The Lord calleth Aaron & his sonnes to the Priesthode.

2 a Whereby his office may be knowen to be glorious & execelllent.

3 / Ebr. wife in heart.

4 c A short and streitched coate without sleeues put vpmost vpon his garments to kepe them close vnto him.

10 e As they were in age, so shulde thei be grauen in ordre.

12 ! Aaron entereth in to the Sancturarie in the name of the children of Israel.

12 f That Aaron might remembre the Israelites to God warde.

15 h It was so called, because the hie Priest colde not giue sentence in judgement without that on his breast.

17 / Or, emerande.

18 / Or, jasper.

29 m Aaron shal not entre the holy place in his owne name, but in the name of the children of Israel.

30 n Vrim signifieth light, and Thumim perfection: declaring that the stones of the breast plate were moste cleare, and of perfect beautie: by Virim is also ment knowlage, and Thumim holynes, shewing what vertues are required in the Priests.

30 ! Vrim and Thummim.

36 o Holines apparteineth to the Lord: for he is moste holy, and nothing vnholy may appeare before him.

38 ! Aaron beareth the iniquitie of the Israelites offrings.

38 p Their offrings colde not be so perfect, but some faute wolde be therein: which sinne then the hie Priest bare and pacified God.

41 q That is, consecrate them, by giuing them things to offre, and thereby admit them to their office.

43 r In not hiding their nakednes.