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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 29

10 c Signifing that the sacrifice was also offred for them, and that they did approue it.

18 d Or a fauor of rest, which causeth the wrath of God to cease.

20 e Meaning the soft & nether parte of the eare.

22 g Which is offred for the consecration of the hie Priest.

26 h This sacrifice the Priest did moue toward the East, West, North and South.

27 i So called, because it was not onely shaken to and fro, but also lifted vp.

28 k Which were offrings of thankes giuen to God for his benefites.

36 m To appease Gods wrath that sinne may be pardonned.

40 n That is, an Omer, read {chap 16,16}.

45 ! The Lord promiseth to dwel among the children of Israel.