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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 27

0 & The Altar of Burnt offreing A B The length conteining fiue cubites. A D The height thre cubites. B C The breadth as muche. E The foure hornes or foure corneers. F The grate, which was put within the altar, and whereupon the sacrifice was burnt. G Foure rings to lift vp the grate by, when thei auoided the ashes. H The barres to carry the altar. I The rings through the which the barres were put. K Ashpans, besoms, fleshhokes, basens & suche instruments apparteining to the altar.

1 a For the burnt offring.

2 b Of the same wood and matter, not fastened vnto it.

9 c This was the first entrie into the Tabernacle, where the people abode.

10 d They were certein hopes or circles for to beautife the piler.

19 g Or stakes wherewith the curtaines were fastened to the grounde.

20 h Suche as commeth from the oliue, when it is first pressed or beaten.

20 / Or ascend vp.