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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 26

0 & The First Couering of the Tabernacle. A B C D The ten curtaines which were eight and twentie cubites long of Cherubin worke. A E The breadth of a curtaine was foure cubites, and so the ten were fourtie cubites long. F G Two curtains & an halfe: so that the whole laid together declareth that the tabernacle was thirtie cubites long and twelue broad. F H Taches or hokes to tie the curtaines together.

0 & The Tabernacle. A M Twentie boardes on the Southe side and twentie on the North side. B K The length of euerie one ten cubites, & the breadth a cubite and an halfe. E K & N I Declare that all the boardes joyened together made thirtie cubites which was the length of the Tabernacle Josephus writeth that euerie board was an handful thicke.

0 & The Curtaines of the Goates Heere. The eleuen curtaines of goates heere were put aboue the other ten, and the eleuenth hanged before the entrie of the Tabernacle, loke E. These also were 30 cubites long and the other but eight and twenty, and therefore on the Southe side thei were a cubite longer then the other, loke A. and also another on the North side, that the boardes might be couered.

1 ! The forme of the Tabernacle and the appertinances .

4 b On the side that the curtaines might be tied together.

6 / Or, partition.

9 e That is fiue on the one side, & fiue on the other, and the sixt shulde hang ouer the dore of the Tabernacle.

12 f For these curtaines were two cubites longer then the curtaines of the Tabernacle: so that thei were fider by a cubite on bothe sides.

14 h This was the thirde couering for the Tabernacle.

14 g To be put vpon the couering, that was made of goats heere.

19 / Or, basse pieces, wherein were the mortaises for the tenons.

24 i The Ebrewe worde signifieth twines: declaring that thei shulde be so perfect and wel joyened as were possible.

33 l Whereunto the hie Priest onely entred once a yere.

33 / Ebr. vnder the hokes: meaning that it shulde hang downeward from the hokes.

33 ! The place of the Arke, of the Mercieseat, of the Tabernacle and of the Candlesticke.

36 n This hanging or vail was betwene the holy place & there where the people were.