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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 25

0 & The Candelstick. Because the facion of the candelstick is so plaine & euident, it needeth not to describe the particular partes thereof according to the ordre of lettres. Onely where as it is said in the 34 verse, that there shalbe foure bowles or cuppes in the candelstick, it must be vnderstand of the shaft or shanke: for there are but thre for euerie one of the other branches. Also, the knoppes of the candelstick are those which are vnder the branches as thei issue out of the shaft on the other side.

0 & The Arke of the Testimony A B The length, two cubites and a halfe. B C The breadth, a cubite and a halfe. A D The height, a cubite and a halfe. B E The golden crowne about the Arke. F The foure rings of golde in the four corneers. G The barres couered with golde to put throgh the rings to carry the Arke. H The inner parte of the Arke where the testimony was put. I The mercie seat which was the couering of the Arke: where were the two cherebim, and whence the oracle came.

0 & The Table of the shewe Bread A B The height a cubite and a halfe. B C The length two cubites. C D The breadth a cubite. E A crowne of golde aboue and beneth separated the one from the other by a border of an hand breadth thicke, which declareth that the table was an hand breadth thicke. F The four rings. G The bars to carry the table, which were put throgh the rings. H Dishes wherein the shewebread was put. I The tweleue cakes or loaues called the shewe bread. K The goblets or couerings. L The incense cups.

1 ! The voluntarie gifts for the making of the Tabernacle.

2 a After the moral and judicial lawe he giueth them the ceremonial lawe, that nothing shuld be left to mans inuention.

2 b For the buylding and vse of the Tabernacle.

5 c Which is thoght to be a kinde of cedar, which wil not rot.

8 e A place bothe to offre sacrifice and to heare the Lawe.

16 f The stone tables, the rod of Aaron and Manna which were a testimonie of Gods presence.

17 ! The Merciseat.

17 g There God appeared mercifully vnto them: and this was a figure of Christ.

31 i It shal not be molten, but beaten out of the lumpe of golde with the hammer.

31 ! The Candelstick .

39 k This was the talent weight of the temple & weighed 120 pounde.