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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 24

1 a When he called him vp to the mountaine to giue him the lawes, beginning at the 20 chapter hitherto.

1 ! The people promis to obey God.

3 b When he had receiued these lawes in mount Sinai.

4 / Or, at the fote of the mountaine.

5 c For as yet the priesthode was not giuen to Leui.

8 d Which blood signifieth that the couenant broken can not be satisfied without blood shedding.

10 e As perfectly as their infimities colde beholde his majesitie.

11 g That is, rejoyced.

12 i Signifing the hardenes of our hearts, except God do write his lawes therin by his Spirit, {Jere. 31,33. ezek. 11,19. 2 cor. 3,3. ebr. 8,10. & 10,16}.

12 k To wit, the people.

14 ! Aaron and Hur haue the charge of the people.

17 l The Lord appeareth like deuouring fire to carnal men: but to them that he draweth with his Spirit, he is like pleasant Saphir.

18 ! Moses was 40 daies & 40 nights in the mountaine.