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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 20

1 a When Moses and Aaron were gone vp or had passed the boundees of the people, God spake thus out of the mount of Horeb suche that all the people heard.

1 ! The commandement of the first table.

5 c By this outwarde gesture all kinde of seruice and worship to idoles is forbiden.

5 d And wil be reuenged of the contemners of mine honour.

6 e So ready is he rather to shewe mercie then to punish.

7 f Ether by swearing falsely, or rashly or contemning.

8 g Which is, by meditating the spiritual rest, by hearing Gods worde, and resting from wordelie trauails.

12 h By the which is ment all that haue autoritie ouer vs.

12 ! The commandement of the seconde.

16 m But further his good name, and speake truth.

17 n Thou maiest not so muche as wishe his hindreance in anie thing.

18 / Ebr, fire brands.

18 / Or, heard.

20 o Whether you wil obey his precepts as you promised, {chap.19:8}.

23 ! Gods of siluer and golde are againe forbiden.

25 p Which might be by his stouping or flying abroad of his clothes.