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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 21

1 ! Temporal and ciuilee ordinances, appointed by God, touching servitude, murthers, and wronges: the observation whereof doeth not justifie a man, but are giuen to bridel our corrupt nature, which els wolde breake out into all mischief and crueltie.

4 c Till her time of seruitude was expired, which might be the seuenth yere or the fiftieth.

6 e That is, to the yere of Jubile, which was euerie fiftieth yere.

6 / Ebr. gods.

6 d Where the judges sate.

7 f Constreined ether by pouertie, or els that the master shulde mary her.

8 g By giuing another money to bye her of him.

11 k Nether mary her him selfe, nor giue an other money to bye her, nor bestowe her vpon his sonne.

13 l Thogh a man be killed at vnwares, yet it is Gods prouidence, that it shulde so be.

14 m The holines of the place oght not defend the murtherer.

19 o By the ciuile justice.

21 p By the ciuile Magistrate, but before God he is a murtherer.

22 q Of the mother, or childe.

24 r The execution of this lawe onely belonged to the Magistrat, {mat. 5,33}.

27 s So God reuengeth crueltie in moste least things.

28 t If the beast be punished, muche more shal the murtherer.

30 u By the next of the kinred of him that is so slayne.

34 y This lawe forbiddeth not onely not to hurt, but to beware lest any be hurt.