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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 19

1 a Which was in the begining of the monthe, Siuan conteining parte of May and parte of June.

1 b That they departed from Rephidim.

1 ! The Israelites come to Sinai.

3 c God called Jaakob Israel, therefore the house of Jaakob, and the people of Israel signifie onely Gods people.

4 d For the egle by flying hie,is out of danger, and in carying her birdes rather on her wings then in her talants declareth her loue.

5 ! Israel is chosen from among all other nations.

10 e Teache them to be pure in heart, as they shewe them selues outwardly cleane by washing.

13 / Or, trumpes.

15 f But giue your selues to prayer and abstinence, that you may at this time attend only vpon the Lord, {1 Cor. 7:5}.

16 ! God appeareth to Moses vpon the mount in thunder and lightening.

18 g God vsed these fearful signes that his Lawe shulde be had in greater reuerence, and his majestie the more feared.

18 h He gaue autoritie to Moses by plaine wordes, that the people might vnderstand him.

22 / Or, breake out vpon them.

24 i Nether dignitie nor multitude haue autoritie to passe the boundees that Gods worde prescribeth.