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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 15

1 ! Moses with the men and women sing praises vnto God for their deliuerance.

1 a Praising God for the ouerthrowe of his enemies and their deliuerance.

2 / Or, the occasion of my song of praise.

3 c In battel he ouercometh euer.

7 e Those, that are enemies to Gods people, are his enemies.

11 g Which oghtest to be praised with all feare & reuerance.

11 f For so, often times the Scripture calleth the mightie men of the worlde.

13 h That is, into the Land of Canaan: or into mount Zion.

17 i Which was mount Zion, where afterward the Temple was buylt.

20 k Signifing their great joye, which custome the Jews obserued in certein solemnities. {Jud. 11,34 & 21,21}: but it oght not to be a cloke to couer our wanton dances.

23 / Or, Bitternes.

25 ! At the praier of Moses the bitter waters are swete.

25 m That is, God, or Moses in Gods name.

26 n Which is, to do that onely that God commandeth.