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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 14

2 b So the Sea was before them, mounteines on ether side, and the enemie at their backe: yet thei obeyed God and were deliuered.

4 ! Pharaohs heart is hardened, and pursueth the Israelites.

7 d Joseph writeth that besides these charets there were 50,000 horsemen, and 200,000 fotemen.

10 f Thei, which a litle before in their deliuerance rejoyced, being now in danger are afraied & murmuree.

11 ! The Israelites stricken with feare murmure against Moses.

12 g Suche is the impaciencie of the flesh, that it cannot abide Gods appointed time.

14 h Onely put your trust in God without grudging or douting.

15 i Thus in tentations faith fighteth against the flesh, and cryeth with inwarde gronings to the Lord.

20 k The cloude sheweth light to the Israelites, but to the Egyptians it was darckenes, so that their two hosts colde not joyne together.

24 l Which was about the thre last houres of the night.

27 m So the Lord by the water saued his, and by the water drowned his enemies.

31 n That it, the doctrine which he taught them in the Name of the Lord.