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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 16

1 a This is the eight place wherein thei had camped: there is an other place called Zin which was the 33 place wherein they camped: and is also called Kadesh. {Nom. 33:36}

1 ! The Israelites come to the desert of Sin, and murmure against Moses and Aaron.

3 b So hard a thing is it to the flesh not to murmure against God, when the belly is pinched.

4 c To signifie that they shulde patiently depend vpon Gods prouidence from day to day.

7 d He gaue them not Mana because thei murmured, but for his promes sake.

8 e He that contemneth Gods ministers, contemneth God him self.

15 f Which signifieth a parte, portion, or gift: also meat prepared.

16 g Which conteineth about a pottle of our measure.

16 / Ebr. for an head.

18 h God is a riche feder of all, & none can justely complaine.

20 i No creature is so pure but being abused it turneth to our destruction.

22 k Which portion shulde serue for the Sabbath and the day before.

25 l God toke away the occasion from their labour to signifie how holy he wolde haue the Sabbath kept.

27 m their infidelitie was so great, that thei did expresly against Gods commandements.

27 ! The seuenth day Manna colde not be founde.

31 n In forme & figure, but not in colour, {Nom. 11,7}.

32 ! It is kept for a remembrance to the posteritie.

34 p That is the Arke of the couenant: to wit, after that the Arke was made.