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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 12

1 a Called Nisan, conteining parte of Marche & parte of April.

2 b As touching the obseruation of feastes: as for other policies, thei rekoned from Septembre.

3 c As the fathers of the housholde had great or smale families.

4 d He shal take so many as are sufficient to eat the lambe.

6 / Ebr. betwene the two euenings, or twielight.

11 g The lambe was not the Passeouer, but signified it: as sacraments are not the thing it selfe, which thei do represent, but signifie it.

14 h Of the benefite receiued for your deliuerance.

14 i That is, vntil Christs comming: for then ceremonies had an end.

16 / Or, calling together of the people to serue God.

18 k For in olde time so thei compted, beginning the day at sunne set til the next day at the same time.

22 / Or, transom, or vpper dore poste.

23 l The Angel sent of God to kil the first borne.

25 m The land of Canaan.

26 ! The fathers must teache their children the mysterie thereof.

27 n Thei gaue God thenkes for so great a benefite.

29 ! The first borne are slaine.

30 o Of these houses, wherein any firstborne was ether of men or beastes.

37 ! The nombre that departeth out of Egypt.

38 r Which were strangers, and not borne of the Israelites.

41 s From Abrahams departeing from Vr in Chaldea vnto the departing of the children of Israel from Egypt, are 430 yeres.

43 t Except he be circimcised & onely professe your religion.

49 u Thei that are of the householde of God, must be all joyened in one faith and religion.