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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 13

3 b To signifie that thei had not leasure to leauen their bread.

3 / Ebr. house of seruants.

3 a Where thei were in moste cruel slauerie.

4 c Conteining parte of Marche & parte of April, when corne begain to ripe in that countrey.

6 d Bothe the seuenth and the first day were holy, as {chap 12,6}.

8 ! An exhortacion to teache their children to remembre the deliuerance.

8 e When thou dost celebrat the feast of vnleauened bread.

9 f Thou shalt haue continual remembrance thereof, as you woldest of a thing that is in thine hand or before thine eies.

13 h By offring a cleane beast in sacrifice, {Leui 12,6}.

13 g This is also vnderstand of the horse and other beastes, which were not offred in sacrifice.

17 / Or, because.

17 i Which the Philistims wolde haue made against them by stopping them the passage.

18 k That is, not priuely, but openly, and as the worde doeth signifie, set in ordre by fiue and fiue.

21 l To defend them from the heat of sunne.