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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 9

4 a He shal declare his heauie judgement against his enemies, & his fauor toward his children.

7 b In to the land of Goshen, where the Israelites dwelled.

14 c So that thine owne conscience shal condemne thee of ingratitude & malice.

16 d That is, that all the world may magnifie my power in ouer comming thee.

16 / Or, to shewe thee.

16 / Or, set thee vp.

19 e Here we se, thogh Gods wrath be kindeled, yet there is a certein mercie shewed euen to his enemies.

21 f The worde of the minister is called the worde of God.

23 ! The horrible haile, thundre, and the lightening.

23 / The seuenth plague.

27 g The wicked confess their sinnes to their condemnation, but they cannot beleue to obteine remission.

27 ! Pharaoh confesseth his wickednes.

30 h Meaning that when they haue their request, they are neuer the better.

35 / Ebr. by the hand of Moses.