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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 8

2 a There is nothing so weake, that God cannot cause to ouercome the greatest power of man.

3 / Or, vpon thy dogh, or into thine ambriec (???).

6 b But Goshen, where Gods people dwelt, was excepted.

6 / The seconde plague.

8 c Not loue, but feare causeth the very infideles to seke vnto God.

13 d In things of this life God oft times heareth the praiers of the just for the vngodlie.

13 ! Moses praieth and they dye.

17 ! Lyce are sent, whereby the sorcerers acknowledge Gods power.

18 e God confounded their wisdome & autoritie in a thing moste vile.

19 f They acknowledge that this was done by Gods power and not by sorcerie.

21 / Or, multitude of veminous beastes, as serpents, &c.

22 / Or, land of Egypt.

24 ! Egypt is plagued with noysome flies.

26 g For the Egyptians worshipped diuers beastes, as the oxe, the shepe, & suche like which the Israelites offred in sacrifice.

28 h So the wicked prescribe vnto Gods messengers how far they shal go.

29 i He colde not judge his heart, but yet he charged him to do this vnfainedly.

32 k Where God giueth not faith, no miracles can preuail.

32 ! But Pharoahs heart is hardened.