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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 7

1 a I haue giuen thee power & autoritie to speake in my name and to execute my judgements vpon him.

4 b To strengthen Moses faith, God promesth againe to punishe moste sharpely the oppression of his Church.

7 c Moses liued in afflection and banishment fourty yere before he enjoyed his office to deliuer Gods people.

10 ! Moses and Aaron do the miracles of the serpent, and the blood: and Pharaohs sorcerers do the like.

11 d It semeth that these were Jamnes and Jambres: read {2 Tim 3:6}: so euer the wicked maliciously resist the trueth of God.

14 e To wit, the riuer Nilus.

18 / Or, they shalbe weary, and abhorre to drinke.

21 f To signifie that it was a true miracle, and that God plauged them in that, which was moste necessarie for the preservation of life.

22 g In outward appearance, & after that the 7, daies were ended.