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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 6

1 ! God renueth his promes of the deliuerance of the Israelites.

1 / Ebr. in a strong hand.

3 a Wherby he signifeth that he wil perform in a dede that which he promesd to their fathers: for this Name declareth that he is constant and wil perform his promes.

6 b He meaneth as touching the outward vocation: for election to life euerlasting is immutable.

6 / Or, plagues.

9 ! Moses speaketh to the Israelites, but they belieue him not.

9 c So hard a thing it is to shewe true obedience vnder the crosse.

12 d Or, barbarous and rude in speache. and by this worde (vncircumcised) is signified the whole corruption of mans nature.

14 ! The genealogie of Reubin, Simeon, and Leui, of whome came Moses and Aaron.

14 e This geneologie sheweth of whome Moses and Aaron came.

16 f For he was 42 yere olde, when he came to Egypt, and there liued 94.

20 g Which kinde of mariage was after in the lawe forbidden, {Leuit. 18,12}.

21 h Moses and he were bretherns children, whose rebellion was punished, {Nomb. 16,1}.

26 k For their families were so great, that they might be compared to armies.

30 l The disobedience of both Moses and of the people sheweth that their deliuerance came onely of Gods fre mercie.