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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 5

1 ! Mosse and Aaron do their message to Pharaoh, who letteth not the people of Israel departe but opresseth them more and more.

1 a Faith ouercommeth feare, and maketh men bolde in their vocation.

3 / Or, God hathe met vs.

6 d Which were of the Israelites and had charge to se them do their worke.

9 e The more cruelly that tyrants rage, the nerer is Gods helpe.

9 f Of Moses & Aaron.

16 / Or, thy people the Egyptians are in the saue.

20 ! They crye out vpon Moses & Aaron therefore, and Moses complaineth to God.

21 g It is a grieuous thing to the seruants of God to be accused of euil, specially of their brethern, when they do as their duetie requireth.