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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 10

1 ! Pharaohs seruants counsel him to let the Israelites departe.

2 a The miracles shulde be so great, that they shulde be spoken of for euer. Where also we se the duetie of parents toward their children.

3 b The end of afflictions is, to humble ourselues with true repentance vnder the hand of God.

7 c Meaning, the ocassion of all these euils: so are the godlie euer charged, as Elias was by Achab.

7 / Or, snare.

10 e Punishement is prepared for you. Some read, Ye entend some mischief.

10 d That is, I wolde the Lord were no more affectioned toward you, then I am minded to let you go.

13 ! Greshoppers destroye the countrey.

16 f The wicked in their miserie seke to Gods ministers for helpe, albeit they hate & detest them.

19 g The water semeth red because the sand or grauel is red: the Ebrews call it the Sea of bulrushes.

22 ! Darkenes is sent.

26 i The ministers of God oght not to yelde one iote to the wicked, as touching their charge.

26 k That is, with what beastes or how many.

28 l Thogh before he confessed Moses just, yet against his owne conscience he threateneth to put him to death.

28 ! Pharaoh forbiddeth Moses to come any more in his presence.