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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 47

2 a That the king might be assured they were come, and se what manner of people thei were.

6 b Josephs great modestie appeareth in that he wolde enterprise nothing without the Kings commandement.

7 ! Jaakob cometh before Pharoah, and telleth him his age.

7 / Ebr. blessed.

8 / Ebr. how many daies are the yeres of thy life?

11 c Which was a citie in the countrey of Goshen {Exod. 1,11}.

11 ! The land of Goshen is giuen him.

12 d Some read that he fed them as litle babes, because thei colde not prouide for themselves against that famine.

14 e Wherein he bothe declareth his fidelitie toward the King, and his minde fre from couetousnes.

19 f For except the grounde be tilled & sowen, it perisheth & is, as it were dead.

21 g By this changing they signified that thei had nothing of their owne, but receiued all of the Kings liberalitie.

21 / Ebr. ende of the border.

22 ! The idolatrous priests haue liuing of the King.

26 h Pharoah in prouiding for idolatrous priests, shalbe a condemnation to all them which neglect the true ministers of Gods worde.

30 ! Joseph swareth to bury him with his fathers.

30 i Hereby he protested that he died in the faith of his fathers, teacheing his children to hope for the promised land.

31 k He rejoiced that Joseph had promised him, & setting himself vp vpon his pillowe, praised God, read {1 Chro. 29,10}.