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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 46

1 a Whereby he both signified that he worshipped the true God, and also that he kept in his heart the possession of that land, from whence present necessitie droue him.

2 ! God assureth Jaakob of his journey into Egypt.

4 d Shal shut thine eies when thou diest: which appertained to him that was moste dearest or chief of the kindred.

4 b Conducting thee by my power.

4 c In thy posteritie.

27 ! The numbre of his familie when he went into Egypt.

29 / Ebr. bounde his charet.

29 ! Jospeh meteth his father.

32 e He was not ashamed of his father and kinred, thogh thei were of basse condition.

34 ! He teacheth his brethren what to answer to Pharoah.

34 f God suffreth the worlde to hate his, that they may forsake the filth of the worlde and cleaue to him.