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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 40

2 / Or, eunuches. The worde signifieth them that were in high estate, or them that were gelded.

3 a God worked many wonderful meanes to deliuer his.

5 b That is, euerie dreame had his interpretation, as the thing afterward declared.

8 c Can not God raise vp suche as shal interpret suche things?

12 ! Joseph expoundeth the dreames of the two prisoners.

12 d He was assured by the Spirit of God that his interpretation was true.

14 e He refused not the meanes to be deliuered, which he thoght God had appointed.

16 f That is, made of white twigges, or, as some read, baskets ful of holes.

18 g He sheweth that the ministers of God oght not to conceile that, which God reueileth vnto them.

20 h Which was an occasion to appoint his officers and to examine them that were in prison.