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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 41

1 a This dreame was not so muche for Pharoah, as to be a meane to deliuer Joseph, and to prouide for his Church.

1 / Ebr. at the end of two yeres of daies.

5 b All these meanes God vsed to deliuer his seruant, & to bring him into fauour and autoritie.

8 d The wise of the worlde vnderstand not Gods secrets, but to his seruants his wil is reueiled.

8 c This feare was ynough to teache him, that this vision was sent of God.

9 e He confesseth his faute against the King, before he speake of Joseph.

14 f The wicked seke to the Prophets of God in their necessitie, whome in their prosperitie they abhorre.

16 g As thogh he wolde say, if I interpret thy dreame, it cometh of God & not of me.

16 / Ebr. answer peace.

31 / Or, they shal remembre no more the plentie.

33 i The office of a true Prophet is not onely to shewe the euils to come, but also the remedies for the same.

38 k None shuld be preferred to honour that haue not gifts of God mete for the same

40 / Ebr. mouthe.

40 l Some read the people shal kisse thy mouthe: that is, shal obey thee in all things.

43 m In signe of honour: which worde some expound, tender father, or father of the King, or knele downe.

43 / Ebr. seconde charet.

45 / Or, the expounder of secrets.

46 n His age is mencioned both to shewe that his autoritie came of God, and also that he suffred imprisonment & exile twelue yeres and mo.

51 o Notwithstanding that his fathers house was the true Church of God: yet the companie of the wicked and prosperitie caused him to forget it.

51 ! He hathe two sonnes: Manasseh and Ephraim.

54 ! The famine beginneth throughout the worlde.

54 / Or fode.