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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 39

1 a Read {chap. 37,36}.

2 b The fauour of God is the founteine of all prosperitie.

4 c Because God prospered him and so he made religion to serue his profite.

5 d The wicked are blessed by the companie of the godlie.

6 e For he was assured that all things shulde prosper wel: therfore he ate and dranke and toke no care.

7 f In this word he declareth the somme whereunto all her flatteries did tend.

7 ! Potiphars wife tempteth him.

9 g The feare of God preserued him against her continual tentations.

14 h This declareth that where incontinencie is, thereunto is joyned extreme impudencie and craft.

20 i His euil intreatment in the prison may be gathered of the {psal 105,18}.

21 / Or, lord.

21 ! God sheweth him fauour.

22 k That is, nothing was done without his commandement.