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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 38

1 a Moses describeth the genealogie of Judah because the Messiah shulde come of him.

2 b Which affinitie notwithstanding was condemned of God.

8 c This ordre was for the preseruation of the stocke, that the childe begotten by the seconde brother shulde haue the name and inheritance of the first. Which is in the new Testament abolished.

9 ! The trespasse of Er and Onan, and the vengeance of God that came thereupon.

11 d For she colde not marry in any other familie so long as Judah wolde reteine her in his.

14 / Or, in the doue of the fonteines, or, where were two waies.

16 e God had wonderfully blinded him that he colde not knowe her by her talke.

18 ! Judah lyeth with his daughter-in-lawe Tamar.

20 f That his wickednes might not be knowen to others.

23 g He feareth man more then God.

24 h We se that the lawe, which was written in mans heart, taught them that whoredom shulde be punished with deathe: albeit no lawe as yet was giuen.

26 k For the horrour of the sinne condemned him.

26 i That is, she oght rather to accuse me then I her.

29 l Their hainous sinne was signified by this monstrous birth.

29 m Or the separation betwene thee & thy brother.

29 ! The birth of Pharez and Zarah.