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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 34

1 a This example teacheth that too muche libertie is not to be giuen to youthe.

2 ! Dinah is rauished.

4 b This proueth that the consent of parents is requisite in mariage, seing the very infideles did also observe it as a thing necessarie.

7 / Or, folie.

14 c They made the holy ordinance of God a meane to compasse their wicked purpose.

14 d As it is abomination for them that are baptised to joine with infideles.

15 e Their faute is the greater, in that thei make religion a cloak for their craft.

20 f For the people vsed to assemble there, and justice was also ministred.

21 g Thus many pretend to speake for a publike profit, when they only speake for their owne priuate gaine and commoditie.

22 ! The Shechemites are circumcised at the request of Jaakobs sonnes, and the persuasion of Hamor.

23 h Thus they lack no kinde of persuasion, which preferre their owne commodities before the common welth.

25 k The people are punished with their wicked princes.

25 i For they were the chief of the companie.