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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 35

1 a God is euer at hand to succour his in their troubles.

1 ! Jaakob at Gods commandement goeth vp to Beth-el.

2 b That by this outwarde act they shuld shewe their inwarde repentance.

4 c For therein was some signe of superstition as in tablets & Agnus deis.

5 d Thus notwithstanding the inconuenience that came before, God deliuered Jaakob.

8 ! Deborah dyeth.

13 e As God is said to descend, when he sheweth some signe of his presence: so he is said to ascend when the vision is ended.

16 f The Ebrewe worde signifieth as muche ground as on may go from bayte to bayte, which is taken for halfe a days journey.

20 g The ancient fathers vsed this ceremonie to testifie their hope of the resurrection to come, which was not generally [???].

22 h This teacheth that the fathers were not chosen for their merites, but by Gods onely mercies, whose election by their fautes was not changed.