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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 33

1 a That if the one part were assailed, the other might escape.

3 b By this gesture he partly did reuerence to his brother, & partely prayed to God to mitigate Esaus wrath.

6 c Jaakob and his familie are the image of the Church vnder the yoke of tyrants, which for feare are broght to subjection.

10 d In that that his brother imbraced him so louingly, contrary to his expectation, he accepted it as a plaine signe of Gods presence.

11 e By earnest intreatie.

11 ! Esau receiueth his gifts.

14 f He promised that which (as semeth) his minde was not to performe.

19 ! Jaakob byeth a possession.

20 g He calleth the signe the thing, which it signifieth, in token that God had mightely deliuered him.