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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 29

1 / Ebr. to the land of the children of the East.

2 b Thus he was directed by the onely prouidence of God who brought him also to Labans house.

4 c It semeth that in those daies the custom was to call euen strangers brethren.

6 d Or, is he in peace?, by the which worde the Ebrewes signifie all prospertie.

13 e That is, the cause why he departed his fathers house & what he sawe in the way.

13 ! Jaakob cometh to Laban and serveth seuen yere for Rahel.

20 g Meaning, after that the yeres were accomplished.

23 h The cause why Jaakob was deceiued was, that in olde time the wife was couered with a vaile, when she was broght to her housband in signe of chastitie and shamefastnes.

26 i He estemed more the profit that he had of Jaakobs seruice then ether his promes or the maner of the countrie, thogh he alledged custome for his excuse.

31 k This declareth, that oft times thei, which are despised of men, are fauoured of God.

31 / Hebr. opened her wombe.

32 l Hereby appeareth that she had recours to God in her affliction.

32 m For children are a great cause of mutual loue betwene man and wife.

35 / Ebr. stood from bearing.