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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 28

1 ! Izhak forbiddeth Jaakob to take a wife of the Canaanites.

1 a This seconde blessing was to confirme Jaakobs faith, lest he shulde thinke that his father had giuen it without Gods motion.

4 b The godlie fathers were put in minde continually, that they were but strangers in this worlde: to the intent they shulde lift vp their eyes to the heauens where they shulde haue a dweling.

6 ! Esau taketh a wife of the daughters of Ishmael, against his fathers wil.

9 c Thinking hereby to haue reconciled him selfe to his father, but all in vaine: for he taketh not awaie the cause of the euil.

9 / Or, beside his wiues.

12 ! Jaakob in the way to Haran seeth a ladder reaching to heauen.

12 d Christ is the ladder whereby God and man are joyned together, and by whome the Angels ministre vnto vs: all graces by him are giuen vnto vs, & we by him ascend into heauen.

13 e He felt the force of this promes onely by faith: for all his life time he was but a stranger in this land.

17 f He was touched with a godlie feare & reuerence.

18 g To be a rememberance onely of the vision shewed vnto him.

20 h He bindeth not God vnder this condition but acknollageth his infirmitie, and promiseth to be thankeful.

20 ! Jaakob asketh of God onely meat and clothing.