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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 27

4 a The carnal affection which he bare to his sonne, made him forget that which God spake to his wife {Chap. 25,23}.

8 ! Jaakob getteth blessing from Esau by his mothers counsel.

9 b This subtiltie is blameworthie because she shulde haue taried til God had performed his promes.

12 / Or, as thogh I wolde deceiue him.

13 c The assurance of Gods decree made her bolde.

19 d Althogh Jaakob was assured of this blessing by faith: yet he did euil to seke it by lies and the more because he abuseth Gods Name therunto.

22 e This declareth that he suspected something, yet God wolde not haue his decree altred.

33 f In perceiuing his errour, by appointing his heyre against Gods sentence pronounced before.

36 g In {chap. 25} he was so called because he helde his brother by the hele, as thogh he wolde ouerthrow him: & therfore he is here called an ouerthrower or deceyuer.

37 h For Izhak did this as he was the minister and Prophet of God.

38 ! Esau by weping moueth his father to pitie him.

38 / Or, I am also (thy sonne).

40 i Because thine enemies shalbe rounde about thee.

40 k Which was fulfilled in his posteritie the Idumeans: who were tributaries for a time to Israel, and after came to libertie.

41 l Hypocrites onely absteine from doing euil for feare of men.

41 ! Esau hateth Jaakob and threateneth his death.

42 m He hathe good hope to recouer his birthright by killing thee.

45 n For the wicked sonne wil kil the godlie: and the plague of God wil afterward light on the wicked sonne.

46 p Hereby she persuaded Izhak to agre to Jaakobs departing.

46 o Which were Esaus wiues.