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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 30

2 a It is onely God that maketh baren and fruteful, and therfore I am not in faute.

3 b I wil receiue her children on my lapep, as thogh they were mine owne.

4 ! Rahel and Leah being bothe barren giue their maides vnto their husbands, and they bear him children.

8 c The arrogancie of mans nature appeareth in that she contemneth her sister, after she hathe receiued this benefit of God to beare children.

8 / Ebr. wrestlings of God.

11 d That is, God doeth increase me with a multitude of children: for so Jaakob doeth expounde this name, Gad, {chap. 49,9}.

14 e Which is a kinde of herb whose rote hathe a certeine likenes of the figure of a man.

15 ! Leah giueth mandrakes to Rahel that Jaakob might lie with her.

18 f In stede of acknolledging her faute, she boasteth as if God had rewarded her therefore.

23 g Because frutefulnes came of Gods blessing, who said, Increase and multiplie: barenes was counted as a curse.

27 ! Laban is enriched for Jaakobs sake.

30 h The ordre of nature requireth that euerie one prouide for his owne familie.

32 / Or, separat thou.

32 / Or, red.

33 k God shal testifie for my righteous dealing by rewarding my labours.

35 / Or, red, or, browne.

37 l Jaakob herein vsed no deceit: for it was Gods commandement as he declareth in the next chapter, {vers. 9 and 11}.

41 m As thei which toke the ram about Septembre, and broght forthe about marche: so the feebler in marche and lambed in Septembre.