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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 25

1 ! Abraham taketh Keturah to wife, and getteth many children.

6 d To auoyde the dissension that els might haue come because of the heritage.

6 b For by the vertue of Gods worde he had not onely Izhak, but begate many mo.

6 c Read {chap. 22,24}.

6 ! Abraham giueth all his goods to Izhak.

8 e Hereby the ancients signified that man by deathe perished not wholy: but as the soules of the godlie liued after in perpetual joy, so the soules of the wicked in perpetual peine.

17 f Which dwelt among the Arabians, and were separat from the blessed sede.

18 g He meaneth that his lot fel to dwel among his brethren as the Angel promesd. {chap. 16,12}.

22 i For that is the onely refuge in all our miseries.

22 / Or, hurt one another.

22 h That is, with childe, seing one shal destroye another.

27 / Or, simple and innocent.

30 ! Esau selleth his birth right for a messe of potage.

32 k The reprobate esteme not Gods benefites except they fele them presently, & therfore they preferre present pleasures.

33 l Thus the wicked preferre their worldelie commodities to Gods spiritual graces: but the children of God do the contrary.