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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 24

2 ! Abraham causeth his seruant to sweare to take a wife for Izhak in his owne kindred.

2 a Which ceremonie declared the seruants obedience towards his master, and the masters power ouer the seruant.

3 b This sheweth that an othe may be required in a lawful cause.

4 c He wolde not that his sonne shulde mary out of the godlie family: for the inconuenients that come by marying with the vngodlie are set forthe in sundrie places of the Scriptures.

10 / Or, Mesopotamia, or, Syria of the two floods: to wit, of Tigris and Euphrates.

12 f He groundeth his prayer vpon Gods promes made to his master.

12 ! The servant prayeth to God.

12 / Or, cause me to mete.

14 g The servant moued by Gods Spirit desired to be assured by a signe, whether God prospered his journey or no.

15 h God giueth good success to all things that are vndertaken for the glorie of his Name and according to his worde.

16 i Here is declared that God euer heareth the praiers of his, and granteth their requests.

22 k God permitted manie things, both in apparel and other things, which are nowe forbid: specially when they apperteine not to our mortificacion.

22 l The golden shekel is here meant, and not that of siluer.

27 m He boasteth not his good fortune (as do the wicked) but acknollageth that God hath dealt mercifully with his master in keping promes.

30 n For he waited on Gods hand, who had now heard his praier.

32 p The gentle interteinment of strangers vsed among the godlie fathers.

33 q The fidelitie that servants owe to their masters, causeth them to preferre their masters busines to their owne necessitie.

35 r To blesse signifieth here to enriche, or encrease with substance, as the text in the same verse declareth.

37 s The Canaanites were accursed and therfore the godlie colde not joine with them in mariage.

38 t Meaning among his kinse folkes, as {vers. 40}.

41 u Which by mine autoritie I caused thee to make.

45 x Signifying that this praier was not spoken by the mouth, but onely meditate in his heart.

48 y He sheweth what is our duetie when we haue receiued anie benefite of the Lord.

48 / Ebr. in the waie of trueth.

49 z If you will frely and faithfully giue your daughter to my masters sonne.

50 ! The friends of Rebekah commit the matter to God.

50 b So sone as they perceiue that it is Gods ordinance thei yelde.

51 / Or, at thy commandement.

57 c This sheweth that parents haue not the autoritie to marry their children without consent of the parties.

60 d That is, let it be victorious ouer his enemies: which blessing is fully accomplished in Jesus Christ.

63 e This was the exercise of the godlie fathers to meditate Gods promises & to pray for the accomplishment thereof.

65 f The custome was that the spouse was broght to her housband, her head being couered in token of shamefastnes and chastitie.

67 / Or, had left mourning for his mother.