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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 23

3 a That is, when he had mourned: so the godlie may mourn, if they passe not measure: and the natural affection is commendable.

4 ! He bieth a field, to bury her, of the Hittites.

6 b That is, godlie or excellent: for the Ebrews so speake of all things that are notable, because all excellencie cometh of God.

9 / Or, double caue, because one was within an other.

9 / Ebr. in ful siluer.

12 d To shewe that he had them in good estimation and reuerence.

15 e The commen shekel is about 20 pence, so then 400 shekels mount to 33 li, 6 shill. & 8 pence, after 5 shill sterl. the once.

20 f That is, all the people confirmeed the sale.