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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 22

1 ! The faith of Abraham is proued in offring his sonne Izhak.

1 / Ebr. Lo, I.

2 b Herein stode the chiefest point of his tentation, seing he was commanded to offre vp him in whome God had promesd to blesse all the nations of the worlde.

2 a Which signifieth the feare of God, in the which place he was honored: and Solomon afterward buylt the temple.

5 c He douted not, but God wolde accomplish his promes thogh he shulde sacrifice his sonne.

8 d The onely way to ouercome all tentations is to rest vpon Gods prouidence.

8 ! Izhak is a figure of Christ.

9 e For it is like that his father had declared to him Gods commandement whereunto he shewed himself obedient.

12 f That is, by thy true obedience thou hast declared thy liuely faith.

12 / Or, and hast not withholden thine onelie sonne from me.

14 g The name is changed to shewe that God dothe bothe se and prouide secretly for his, and also euidently is sen and felt in time conuenient.

14 / Or, the Lord will se, or prouide.

16 h Signifing that there is no greater then he.

20 ! The generacion of Nahor, Abrahams brother, of whome cometh Rebekah.

24 i Concubine is oftentimes taken in the good parte for those women which were inferior to the wiues.