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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 21

2 ! Izhak is borne.

7 b She accuseth her selfe of ingratitude that she did not belieue the Angel.

9 c He derided Gods promes made to Izhak, which the Apostle calleth persecution, {Gal. 4:29}.

9 ! Ishmael mocketh Izhak.

12 d The promesd sede shalbe counted from Isaac and not from Ishmael. {Rom. 9,7, ebr. 11,18}.

14 f True faith renonceth all natural affections to obey Gods commandement.

14 ! Hagar is cast out with her sonne.

17 g For his promess sake made to Abraham, and not because the childe had discretion and judgement to pray.

17 ! The Angel comforteth Hagar.

19 h Except God open our eyes, we can nether se nor vse the means which are before vs.

20 i As touching outwarde things God caused him to prosper.

20 / Or, shot in the bowe, and was an hunter.

24 k So it is a lauful thing to take an othe in matters of importance, for to justify the trueth and to assure others of our sinceritie.

26 l Wicked servants do many euils vnknowen to their masters.

31 / Or, well of the othe, or of seuen meaning lambes.

32 m Thus we se that the godlie, as touching outwarde things, may make peace with the wickid that knowe not the true God.

33 n That is, he worshiped God in all points of true religion.