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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 20

1 ! Abraham dwelleth as a stranger in the land of Gerar.

2 b Abraham had now twise fallen into this faute: suche is mans frailtie.

3 c So greatly God detesteth the breache of mariage.

4 d The infideles confessed that God wold not punish but for just occasion: therfore whensoeuer he punisheth, the occasion is just.

5 e As one failing by ignorance, and not doing euil of purpose.

6 g God by his holie Spirit reteineth them that offend by ignorance, that thei fall not into greater inconuenience.

7 h That is, one, to whome God reuealeth himself familiarly.

7 i For the prayer of the godlie is of force towards God.

9 k The wickednes of the King bringeth Gods wrath vpon the whole realme.

11 l He sheweth that no honestie can be hoped for, where the feare of God is not.

11 ! Sarah is restored with great giftes.

12 m By sister, he meaneth his cosin germain, and by daughter, Abrahams nece: for the Ebrews vse these wordes.

16 n Such an head, as with whome thou mayest be preserved from all dangers.

16 o God caused this heathen King to reproue her, because she dissembled, since God had giuen her a husband, as her vaile and defense.

17 ! Abraham praieth and the King and his are healed.

18 p Had taken away from them the gift of conceiuing.