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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 19

1 a Wherein we se Gods prouident care in preseruing his: albeit he reueileth not him selfe to all a like: for Lot had but two Angels and Abraham thre.

3 c Not for that they had necessitie, but because the time was not yet come that thei wolde reueal them selues.

3 ! Lot receiueth two Angels into his house.

3 b That is, he praied them so instantly.

4 d Nothing is more dangerous then to dwel where sinne reigneth, for it corrupteth all.

4 ! The filthy lusts of the Sodomites.

8 e He deserueth praise in defending his guests, but he is to be blamed in seking vnlawful means.

8 f That I shulde preserue them from all injurie.

13 g This proueth that the Angels are ministers, aswel to execute Gods wrath, as to declare his fauour.

16 h The mercie of God striueth to ouercome mans slownes in following Gods calling.

16 ! Lot is deliuered.

17 i He willed him to flee from Gods judgements, and not to be sorie to departe from the riche countrei and ful of vaine pleasures.

20 k Thogh it be litle, yet it is great ynough to saue my life: wherein he offendeth in choosing another place than the Angel had appointed him.

22 m Which before was called Belah, {cha. 14,2}.

22 l Because Gods commandement was to destroie the citie and to saue Lot.

26 n As touching the bodie onely: and this was a notable monument of Gods vengeance to all them that passed that way.

30 o Hauing before felt Gods mercies, he durst not prouoke him againe by continuing among the wicked.

31 p Meaning, in the countrie which the Lord had now destroied.

32 q For except he had bene ouercome with wine he wolde neuer haue done the abominable act.

33 ! Lots daughters lye with their father, of whome come Moab and Ammon.

36 r Thus God permitted him to fall moste horribly in the solitarie mountaynes, whome the wickednes of Sodom colde not ouercome.

37 s Who, as they were borne in moste horrible incest, so were they and their posteritie vile and wicked.

38 t That is, sonne of my people: signifying that they rather rejoiced in their sinne, then repented for the same.