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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 26

1 a In the land of Canaan.

2 b Gods prouidence alwaies watcheth to direct the waies of his children.

5 c He commendeth Abrahams obedience because Izhak shulde be the more readie to followe the like: for as God made this promes of his free mercie, so doeth the confirmeation thereof procede of the same fountain.

7 d Whereby we se that feare and distrust is found in the moste faithful.

8 e Or, shewing some familiar signe of loue, whereby it might be knowen that she was his wife.

10 f In all ages men were persuaded that Gods vengeance shulde light vpon wedloke breakers.

14 g The malicious enuie alwaies the graces of God in others.

14 ! The Philistines hate him for his riches

17 h The Ebrewe worde signifieth a flood, or vallei where water at any time runneth.

24 i God assureth Izhak against all feare by rehersing the promes made to Abraham.

25 k To signifie that he wolde serve none other God, but the God of his father Abraham.

29 l The Ebrewes in swearing begin commonely with If, & vnderstand the rest: that is, that God shal punishe him that braketh the othe: here the wicked shewe that thei are afraid lest that come to them which thei wolde do to others.

33 / Or, othe.