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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 15

1 / Or, the Lord spake to Abram.

2 a His feare was not onely lest he shulde not haue children, but lest the promes of the blessed sede shulde not be accomplished in him.

8 b This is a parteicular mocion of Gods Spirit, which is not lawful for all to follow in asking signes: but was permitted to some by a peculiar mocion, as to Gideon and Ezekiah.

10 c This was the olde custome in making couenants, {Jerem. 34,18}: to the which God added these condicions, that Abrams posteritie shulde be as torne in pieces, but after thei shulde be coupled together: also that it shulde be assalted, but yet deliuered

12 / Ebr. a feare of great darkenes. {Act. 7, 6}.

13 ! The servitude and deliuerance out of Egypt is declared.

13 d Counting from the birthe of Izhak to their departure out of Egypt which declareth that God will suffer his to be afflicted in this worlde.

16 e Thogh God suffre the wicked for a time, yet his vengeance falleth vpon them, when the measure of their wickednes is ful.

18 ! The land of Canaan is promised the fourth time.

18 / Ebr. Perath.