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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 14

1 a That is, of Babylon: by Kings here meaning them that were gouernors of cities.

1 b Of a people gathered of diuers countries.

3 d Called also the dead Sea, or lake Asphaltite, nere vnto Sodom and Gomorrah.

3 c Ambicion is the chief cause of warres among princes.

10 e And afterward was ouerwhelmed with water, and so was called the salt Sea.

10 / Or, were discomfited.

12 ! In the ouerthrowe of Sodom, Lot is taken prisoner.

12 f The godlie are plagued manie times with the wicked: therfore their companie is dangerous.

13 g God moued them to joyne with Abram, and preserved him from their idolatrie and superstitions.

18 h For Abram and his soldiors refection, & not to offer sacrifice.

19 i In that Melchi-zedek fed Abram , he declared him selfe to represent a king: & in that he blessed him, the high priest.

23 ! Abram wolde not be enriched by the king of Sodom.

23 / Ebr. If I take from thee a threde, etc. Read {I Sam. 14,44}.

24 k He wolde not that his liberalitie shuld be hurtful vnto others.