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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 13

1 a His great riches gotten in Egypt hindred him not to followe his vocation.

3 b He calleth the place by that name, which was after giuen vnto it. {chap. 28,19}.

6 c This incommoditie came by their riches, which brake friendeship and, as it were, the bond of nature.

7 d Who seing their contencion might blaspheme God and destroie them.

8 e He cutteth of the occasion of contencion: therfore the euil ceaseth.

11 h This was done by Gods prouidence, that onely Abram and his sede might dwel in the land of Canaan.

13 ! The wickednes of the Sodomites.

14 k The Lord comforted him, lest he shulde haue taken thoght for the departure of his nepheu.

15 l Meaning a long time, and til the coming of Christ, as {Exo. 21,6. deu. 15,17 Jer. 2,20} and spiritually this is referred to the true children of Abram, borne according to the promes & not according to the flesh, which are heires of the true land of Canaan.