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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 16

1 a It semeth that she had respect to Gods promes, which colde not be accomplished without issue.

2 b She faileth in binding Gods power to the common ordre of nature, as thogh God colde not giue her children in her olde age.

2 / Ebr. be buylded by her.

4 c This punishement declareth what thei gaine that attempt any thing against the worde of God.

4 ! Which conceiueth & despiseth her dame:

6 / Or, power.

7 d Which was Christ, as appeareth verse {10. & chap. 18,13}.

9 e God rejecteth none estate of people in their miseries, but sendeth them comforte.

12 f That is, the Ishmaelites shalbe a peculiar people by them selues, and not a portion of an other people.

13 g She rebuketh her owne dullnes and acknowledgeth Gods graces, who was present with her euery where.

13 ! She calleth vpon the Lord whome she findeth true.