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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 12

1 b In appointing him no certeine place he proueth so muche more his faith & obedience.

1 a From the flood to this time were thre hundred thre score and thre yere.

2 c The worlde shal recouer by thy sede, which is Christ, the blessing which thei lost in Adam.

6 e He wandred to and fro in the land before he colde find a settling place: thus God exerciseth the faith of his children.

6 f Which was a cruel and rebellious nation, by whome God kept his in a continual exercise.

6 / Or, oke groue.

7 ! Abram buyldeth altars for exercise and declaration of his faith among the infidelles.

7 g It was not ynough for him to worship God in his heart, but it was expedient to declare by outwarde profession his faith before men, whereof this altar was a signe.

8 h Because of the troubles that he had among that wicked people.

8 i And so served the true God, & renounced all idolatrie.

9 k Thus the children of God may loke for no rest in this worlde, but must waite for the heauenly rest and quietnes.

10 l This was a newe trial of Abrams faith: wherby we se that the end of one affliction is the beginning of an other.

13 m By this we maie learne not to vse vnlawful meanes, nor to put others in danger to saue our selves. Read {verse 20}. Albeit it maie appear that Abram feared not somuch death as that, if he shulde die without isue, Gods promise shulde not haue taken place: wherein appeared a weake faith.

13 / Ebr. that my soule maie liue.

15 n To be his wife.

17 o The Lord toke the defence of this poore stranger against a mightie king: and as he is euer careful ouer his, so did he preserve Sarai.

20 p To the entent that none shulde hurt him either in his persone or goods.